Monday, December 2, 2013

Open Party! I'm Tired For Sleeping.

The Portuguese seem to be afflicted with the same English language obsession that the Brazilians are. Though I had the sense that they, on the whole, more commonly spoke English than the Brazilians. Why, then, did I see all these nonsensical t-shirts?

No pictures, 'cuz that would have been rude. But imagine it: a white T with centered, big block lettering: 
You know I love fun signs.

"Open Party
Free Pass May & June
I'm tired for sleeping"



"Angel loves beauty"
This one had a roll of Warhol-esque sunglasses underneath.... you know, the kind that are black in front and neon colors on the sides, like the ones that they sell at gas stations? These, from the 80s. Peculiar. 


This this one, for example: a little tiny azulejo on the side of a courthouse for "suspended sentences." How delightfully discreet.

I'm curious about you too! People coming and going, everywhere, for myriad motives. 

(Welcome mat courtesy of a boutique hotel in central Lisbon.)

If you insist, who am I to refuse?

No coffee served, to my dismay. But the store is convenient... I'll give it that.

"Baby Up & Down with me?" Ermm, sounds scandalous. But, this sounds like a proposition Ivan wouldn't pass up. Why Not

[Many people adhere to the adage "What would Jesus do?"  To those, I mean no disrespect, but I'd rather live by the adage, "What would Ivan do?"]

Where to even begin? 

Consider hiring a proofreader before printing the wares.