Saturday, November 30, 2013

The sea, outside

It was truly delightful to go to the sea today-- a sunny, mid-50s November 30th.

The round trip train to Cascais cost something like $6 round trip and took about 30 minutes each way. That's quite a fair price for a little diversion that offers some stunning coastal views along the way, not to mention a bit of fairy tale architecture.

Cascais and neighboring Estoril are very touristy. Even still I recommend a visit. I went for the ride, some fresh seafood, and a stroll along the sea in the sun. (Ask and you shall receive.) And I'd do it again.

I found a nice crafts market to browse, and supported local artists by picking up a few gifts.

Also found: the smallest church I've ever seen.

At O Poeta, I ordered the polvo (octopus). I ordered it in Foz up north, too. There, it had been served boiled, then chilled, sliced, and floating in a dish of olive oil and garlic, with pickled veggies for garnish. That was goooood. Today, however, I was a little taken aback when a whole octopus arrived, warm, atop a bed of boiled potatoes and spinach.

Hmmm. It wasn't bad. It was just, perhaps, a little to close to the "before," and I prefer my food to stay closer to "after." At least in terms of disfiguring, though not necessarily in regard to heating. (As I said, my relationship with seafood is complicated.) I ate half of it anyway, but that was plenty. I mean.... a whole octopus!

But as the light faded a bit it was time to head back and get ready for my morning flight.
Tomorrow, December 1, Chicago, 32 F--maybe!

Who cares? I am in love.

I strongly suspect I'll be back in Lisbon... maybe it's my next "Leap!"