Monday, July 25, 2011

São Luís Sunday

For the sake of brevity (ha ha!), in yesterday's post I skipped the part about the harrowing bus ride from Barreirinhas to São Luís.

You know, there's a big difference between injury in the pursuit of adventure (say, in one of those mad jeeps in Lençóis) and injury in the pursuit of a good night's sleep. I admit that sometimes I can be a bit of a back-seat-driver. Mind you, I rarely verbalize my concern, but I do tense up when I feel a driver is overly aggressive. Knowing this, I tried to just chill out and stay lost in my thoughts on said bus ride, thinking I was just over-reacting to the driver's, um, style. That is, until I saw his young kid, who was riding shotgun, gripping his armrest in fear. Of course I remained silent, but at least I knew I wasn't the only one panicking. The icing, though, was when we caught up to another bus we had been trailing on the highway about ten minutes after we stopped for gas. Man, it's a minibus, not a Porsche!

All's well that ends well.

The Rio Poty Hotel has an unusual design, but all the rooms have large balconies and lovely views.

Despite my arrival shock, I must say I acclimated nicely.
So, too, did the rather large iguana that appeared, to the guests' delight.

He was totally eye-ing my Subway. No chance, lizard.

A quick, after-dip shower amidst the flowers, anyone?

I can't say that I understand the Brazilian obsession with lawn ornaments, but the frogs amused me.

I was equally amused by the Lochness-like sculpture in Lagoa da Jansen.

I spent the majority of the appropriately sunny Sunday poolside, or rather, poolbarside.

That is, until the Women's World Cup Final. What a game! A disappointing end for the U.S. team, but I couldn't begrudge Japan their deserved title and celebration. It was funny listening to the announcers struggle with the names too. For example, on the Japanese side, Miyama became "me ama" (an accusatory "you love me!") and Ohno sounded like an emphatically alarmed "Oh No!"; while on the USA side, O'Reilly was pronounced "Oh, Really???" That last one killed me every time.

On a serious note, during this trip I had intended to dedicated time to putting all of my reflections on My Life in Havaianas in order. In the end though, I was simply too relaxed and too distracted by all of the natural beauty and entertaining activities to be pensive--and what a delightful thing! With far less effort than I had expected to invest in becoming "all in" on the next book of my life, I realized, on the journey back to São Paulo, that I feel ready. I'm free to move forward from this (massive, pivotal, truly engaging) period of my life and discover what other adventures are waiting for me downstream. I suppose that at least one piece of that acceptance came from Raimundo and Gilson, on the day I was starkly reminded that sometimes stunning positives come from scary or seemingly negative starts.

Leap and the net will appear.