Monday, July 11, 2011

More strange stuff in Liberdade

What can I say? It just never gets old to me, going to the markets in Liberdade and looking at all the stuff.

Yum, a to-go box from my favorite Chinese noodle and Japanese sushi place, Banri.

The burning question on these mini-missons is "What to buy?"
I took a pass on the Not-so Fresh Pie. Even if it is "NOW", I doubted it's my kind of instant gratification.

Is that a daikon the size of a yardstick? Why, yes. Yes it is. Whatever a daikon is.

Happy Promise Custard Cakes? Nah.

What the heck is Musk Melon?

I almost bought the corn candies, just because.

But as I grabbed the bag to inspect them, I was surprised (and not in a pleasant way) to notice they were like gummies, not the hard candy I expected. Oh, surely not. I returned them immediately to their hook. Gummy corn? Shiver.

I settled on some Doctor Peanut candies. No buyer's remorse.

I've been going to Liberdade more frequently lately, for something else strange. I've started acupuncture treatments to cope with the present stress of the approaching life change, which, I must say, is helpful and I am thoroughly enjoying. I had never heard of the technique of taping tiny seeds in the ears though--known as auricular therapy.

Ever the fashion plate, this is what I'm walking around like...

Further stress treatment to follow, in the form of Lençóis Maranhenses.