Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maranhão Outtakes

I wish I had theme music for these outtakes posts. Something circus-y.

Before the first picture, let me recount something I wanted to document on my last visit to Porto Alegre, but was sans camera. When I returned a few days later, the entertaining sign was gone. First, it is important to say that Brazil passed Lei Seca in 2008, which is a zero-tolerance law for drinking and driving--a topic so complicated that it could be it's own post (but won't). I thought it ironic, a few months back, to see a sign in front of Garcia's Bar that advertised free parking during Happy Hour.

Relatedly, on the drive back to São Luís, we stopped at this gas station...

...with signage provided by Brahma Beer. (I know it's just advertising, but still, really?)

On the subject of beer, here's the Saturday night hangout in the community surrounding the lighthouse at Mandacarú. ("Fatty's Chopperia," a chopperia is a bar that specializes in draught beer.)

Perhaps alcohol could explain this creepy thing, just around the corner.

You know you're in a small town, especially in Brazil, when this suffices for the local courthouse.

You might have to click on the image to see, but this palm tree (conveniently located in the middle of the "road") has a 20 km/hour speed limit sign posted. However, in the direction of travel, I would advise less. The "road" ends in about 25 feet.

"Vende-se." Boat for sale. Inquiries within.

I saw two fun-with-English t-shirts on the trip but couldn't photograph them--that would have been rude. One said, simply, "Get Shape." (Yeah, I know. It's on the To-Do List. Thanks for noticing.) The other, Paraguayan apparently, said "Occy Surfboar" on the front and the back. By the way, what is with the massively popular Brazilian surfer-wear and apparel line "Fatal Surf"? Do they know what fatal means? They must. It's the same in Portuguese. Isn't that the equivalent, then, of a pedestrian in Porto Alegre wearing a shirt with this type of emblem?

I digress. A frog smoking the the bathroom, for a change.

Ok, I embellished. He's not smoking. Just ditching class.

Keeping the animal theme, this will be on my list of all-time favorite photos: a steer grazing in the middle of Barreirinhas. There is no fencing around--there aren't even any farms around--just homes, sandy roads, and the cross.