Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water." --W.C. Fields

I've already stated that I own (nearly) one corkscrew for every suitcase, as it should be. I'm exploring São Luis at the moment, but I've left the corkscrew behind. Being at the equator, I figured I'd like some cold brews instead. As such I have packed my beloved Popener.

While I'm on the road, as has become my custom, I'll clean out the pending pile.

There's a joke in the film Best In Show about a couple who meets because they have dough-eyed each other from two Starbucks cafés that they frequent, which are located across the street from one another. Here in São Paulo, the Starbucks aren't that prevalent--yet--but the banks are. It's not a great shot because I was on the bus at the time, but this is a picture of an Itaú bank on Paulista, with another Itaú, literally, across the street. (Note the smaller orange sign toward the lower right.)

The Federal Lottery: "The easiest way to get rich."

Well you had better be rich if you plan to buy cherries, at R$58,76 (almost US$40) for a few handfuls.

Or blueberries. US$12.

Or OH's! US$9-something.

Which, by comparison, are $3.19 in Chicago, last I checked.

This bland 1976 Chevette is going for a mere R$10,000. That's about US$6,600. Yikes.

I digress, but here are a couple more packages I found entertaining. File under Sound Effect Marketing.

Cola Drop candy: "Humm! Show! Ahhh!"

Tutti Frutti candy: "Poosh!"

I'm out.
Going for broke in Brazil!