Thursday, July 28, 2011


Remember that scene in The Goonies where Sloth is screaming for chocolate? Yeah, this post is for my cousin Beth and her passion for "CAKE!!!!"

This is Maya.

This is Les Delices de Maya, and she's not exaggerating.

The place has fantastic charm and excellent service. Bright and cheerful but still cozy, this converted two-story home feels like and indoor garden hideaway. Even the bathrooms are cool: the walls are covered in decoupage featuring old MAD magazines and italian newspaper clippings.

Marcelo runs the front-of-house operations. He remembers my name, and everyone else's, every time, no matter how long it's been between visits. He pauses for a bit of small chat, engagingly and sincerely, with every table, despite having much to do during the lunchtime rush.

Oh, Lord, and the food....

My dilemma is that I want to try everything on the surprisingly diverse menu (and there's a specialty du jour), but I always get the same dish: spaghetti com lula e limão, spaghetti with calamari and a delicately creamy lime sauce. I can't help myself.

And then there's the CAKE!!!!
Heavens to Beth-sy! I adore the Brigadeiro (a chocolate cake with layers of brigadeiro in between), and the Brigadeiro de Pistache (a white cake with layers of a similar mixture to the classic brigadeiro, except instead of chocolate, the condensed milk and butter are cooked with powdered pistachios, apparently)...mercy! Last time I sampled the Bolo de Cerveja Preta (black beer cake) and Pavê de Figo (a cup of crème brûlée with a layer of fig spread in the middle). Falta de palavras.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, dining at Les Delices de Maya is even more attractive to me because it's a small, family-run kinda place. However, that means they're only open on business days for lunch and afternoon tea, because, well, everybody deserves a life! I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for me personally: on one hand I would love to go there more often, though on the other hand I thank them for their limited hours of operation, given my deficiency in self-control amidst these sorts of delectables.

Ahh, the stuff dreams are made of.

If you find yourself lunching in Vila Madalena, you simply cannot go wrong as Les Delices de Maya.

Bon appetit!