Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just a short post about my fourth birthday na terra brasileira before I get to the vacation posts.

So, I came back yesterday from Maranhão with a cold or a sinus infection or something, so today was low key. Given the three perfect days I had in Lençóis though, that's fine with me. Just a simple breakfast of kiwi and pear, fresh-squeezed lima-de-persia juice and coffee, pancakes and eggs.

Surely though, as I made them myself, my pancakes couldn't compare to the delicious and perfect ones that Fernando made me last year.

A sunny day, 30 degrees Celsius, and I headed to Parque Ibirapuera for a leisurely stroll and a few hours of quiet time with my book. Smiles came in the form of cotton candy and a guy sweeping the road with a palm branch...

...and another pretty tree... this time a bamboo I think, but it was bigger than most I've seen, with some trunks nearly a foot wide!

I took the rainbow in the fountain as a good sign for the year ahead.

Paulistinha 37