Monday, June 27, 2011

On the light side

Believe me, I'm no Pollyanna. I get as frustrated with certain events or cultural nuances here in Brazil as I used to in the US. My policy, though, is to leave it off the blog. Some thoughts (or observations, or reactions) aren't worth documenting--putting out there in the NetVerse for, potentially, years to come.

That will, however, explain one part of the recent gaps in posting.

[Beware: Kermit's in a bad mood too.]

So while I sort out my thoughts and find where I left my mojo, please enjoy more of the great street art I have discovered around town.

A Saci painting on the sidewalk in República in central São Paulo (where I would very much like to buy a modest little vintage apartment someday, sigh). O Saci also happens to be the mascot for my darlings, Internacional. Certainly, you can image my, umm, shock when, during my first trip to Brazil in 2005 I discovered this connection. Not knowing, at the time, the leprechaun-like, folkloric, legendary status of the character--I just thought it politically incorrect and grossly insensitive to have a one-legged little black kid smoking a "magic pipe" as a soccer team mascot. Ahhh, just remembering that early lesson in Brazilian culture makes me smile. Needed that.

Now my Dad guards my Saci doll at his office, for luck.

Check out the metal work on this, the neatest world map I've ever seen. First, a look up close... a bit of a distance...

...and from the street.

The remnants of this old tree have been made more colorful with recyclables. Clever.


What an enchanting little diversion...

The tiled mosaic on the sidewalk, aptly, in front of a café.

Ahh, but no more caffeine for this artist, please.