Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the light side (II)

When Shelley was in town we went strolling in Ibirapuera park. There, on a gorgeous afternoon, we stumbled upon a bigtime runway show for the opening of São Paulo Fashion Week. A little surreal to see a bunch of mega-models and paparazzi all over the place, but interesting.

There's a picole (popsicle) place near my apartment. They have every fruit flavor you can imagine and many you cannot. I tried the ginger. Yum! So yum that I got it again on my second visit even though I realized it was a disservice to my adventure-loving taste buds.

Remember my breakfast-cohort-in-havaianas, Mr. Sugary Cereal? Here's Mr. Chocolate Ball. Slightly more formal, with smart shoes and a bowtie, he juggles his friends, but it looks like everyone's having a good time.

Funny enough, it was a Brazilian that first taught me about the USAmerican cartoon Wacky Races or (much more fun), in Portuguese, A Corrida Maluca. On an early trip here, of course I ran right out and bought the DVD box set thinking (erroneously) that it would be a good learning tool. Not for an undisciplined beginner, it wasn't. Anyway, I donated them to the language school. Maybe one cold winter weekend I'll borrow them and have a Corrida Maluca marathon with my comforter and some hot chocolate. That sounds nice.

I digress. In the meantime, back in São Paulo...

One of the elevators in my apartment building: notice the button to detonate The Bomb on the upper left. Under what circumstance am I supposed to use this? Stumbling in after a hard night out on the town? When I want to let everyone know I'm having a sassy day?

Oh, it's just to summon the Bombeiros (firemen)? I see.