Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chicago: Dunes & Foxy's Signs

Maureen is on her way into the city from Guarulhos so I still have some time to kill. I'm drinking a bloody mary, solely for the side effect of warmth. (Though, who am I kidding? The fuzzy is good too.) It is really cold in my unheated apartment these days, and especially these nights. I confess I have half-a-mind to buy an airline ticket somewhere warmer.

Rather than a reckless visit to Hostelworld, I'll just post a few pics from Chicago.

Dad and I made a quick run to the Dunes on Saturday to fix a couple things in preparation for the summer rental season. The weather--more specifically, the light--was really strange that day. Granted my iPod Touch doesn't take the best pics, but it sure captured the slightly surreal feel of the beach that day.

Right, Spot?

Look! The sun shining over the rain.

On the way back to Dad's on Sunday, we narrowly missed having a bull through the windshield. Weirdest car accident scene I've ever seen. I'm thrilled that we had stopped for gas.

Last Chicago tidbit: Foxy's rules. No, I don't mean Grandma Foxypants. I mean the amusing decor at Foxy's Laundromat in Villa Park, where I went to wash a comforter for my parents one afternoon.


(That reminds me of that great Pearl Jam lyric: "no l-o-i-t-e-r-i-n-g a-llowed"!)

Hi-Tech. Uh-huh.

No Wandering Jenny's in the dryer, please.

Que pena! Now what am I gonna do?

Foxy clearly believes in maintaining order.

I confess. I weighed my options. Despite being tempted by sheer taboo, e a vontade de revolução completa tipo brasileira, ultimately I fell in line, sitting quietly and reading my book.