Sunday, April 24, 2011

Signage: come again?

I have a few stories to tell today, but before I get to them I feel compelled to clean out the outtakes pile. Here are a few other funnies from the recent Porto Alegre trip.

There's a secret place in Porto Alegre for roupas intimas, or, intimate apparel. I say it's secret because it's very well hidden. It was only through word of mouth that I discovered it a few years ago. There's a high rise building in Centro called Galeria Malcon. The ground floor contains an assortment of clothes shops, snack bars, and the like. Presumably the rest of the 20-ish story building contains offices, though I had been warned not to take the stairs, as there might be some seriously shady business being transacted on various floors. On the 11th, 12th, and 13th floors, unadvertised at street level, there are dozens of little shops that sell underthings for very good prices. Maureen had never been there, and I wanted to re-stock my supplies so off we went. One alarming thing I found was padded bras for little girls.

On the entertaining side, I caught this brand of menswear.

Pequeno, Médio, Grande, and Duplo Grande. To each his/her own on which one is really the "Keeper!"

Speaking of buns, Fernando, Mariana, Danilo and I went to Priscilla's on Monday. We passed by "Mr. Bimbo"--a place to host childrens' parties. I am easily entertained.

Later that evening, Fernando had a futebol game at São Jose, the field and clubhouse of one of Porto Alegre's smaller soccer clubs. Fernando, Mariana and I stopped by the restaurant for a beer. We enjoyed their quirky, hand-painted-but-not-spellchecked sign.

Our choice of bebidas (drinks) includes the lesser-known whiskey, "John Walkey." They also serve a selection of petiscos (snacks), or in this case, "Apetiscos," including picadinho misto--oh, wait, no, that's mixto. Well, close enough.