Sunday, April 10, 2011

A marketer's dream

Along the same lines as the last entry, the thing that all five of the images below have in common is that I bought every one of these items for the sole purpose of taking its picture. What can I say? I'm a sucker for packaging. Sometimes, it's the most insignificant details that make the day fun.

Bread: paine in Romanian; pain in French; pane in Italian; pan in Spanish (now we're getting somewhere); and pão in Portuguese.

Ack, close enough.

And in Portuguese, Laughing Cow is "the cow that laughs" (and wears very Brazilian earrings).

What on Earth is it? Blueberry candies, as the diagram illustrates. Average.

But these, Yowza!

OH! Powerful indeed. When I popped this lemon drop in my mouth, my face went all contort-y-like. They're a sour sock to the face, but they're growing on me.

Why not start your day with the truthfully-named "Sugary Cereal"?

But, what's with the deal Mr. Cornflake? Using your buddy as a surfboard?
And since when do cornflakes wear havaianas during the practice of water sports?