Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cure for the common...

...blues? ...rhythm? ...or just, The Common?

Who cares! I was feeling a little down tonight. A little lost, confused. A little... closed in, perhaps. I started surfing YouTube for America's Got Talent clips. Yeah. I'm sentimental. So? There's something unique to be gleaned from watching the performances--which might be stunning, provocative, interesting, uplifting, strange, awesome (in the true sense), or occasionally, just bad. But each one of the performers comes to the stage with heart. And optimism. After about 10 hope-filled hopeful's performances I started feeling happy again. Optimistic myself.

One of the videos I watched was the NY-brother-duo Nuttin' But Strings. (One of my two favorite instruments happens to be the violin, the other, piano.) I'd seen their performance on the show before and liked it so much that I bookmarked their site. This time, I went a step further and bought the cd on iTunes.

Wonderful new music on my iPod: another thing that makes me happy.

Everybody needs a cure, now and then.