Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slainté! St. Paddy's in São Paulo

I have a book called Fique Zen em São Paulo, that is, Stay Zen in São Paulo. Victoria succeeded, even in the midst of the weekday bustle on Avenida Paulista. It quite suited her, I think.

There are several charming restaurants and bars in my neighborhood, but surely one of the best is São Cristovão. The place is absolutely plastered in futebol memorabilia.

Victoria and I had a great time searching for Internacional relics. We spotted about seven, compared to the one Grêmio plaque we saw--ha! Here, Victoria points out an old vinyl bicycle seat bearing the Inter logo while an onlooker gets in on the fun.

Topping off Victoria's São Paulo Sessions, we landed a good corner table for the St. Paddy's festivities at Finnegan's Pub.

Nika, Fernando, Victoria and I with our gross-but-free, first (and last) green beer of the evening. Slainté!

Later, another Porto Alegre visitor arrived--the luminous Juliana!

For the wee small hours we headed off to another bar where several of Juliana's friends had gathered.

Even the dog had fun.

Good times.