Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meanwhile, back in Sampa...

After landing on the 6th, if you can believe it, more overpacked days awaited.

The next morning, delightfully sunny, I looked at an apartment. I had been in e-mail negotiations for this specific place since mid-December, but it was just one of three I was supposed to see. Frankly, it was the favored option. A one bedroom in the same neighborhood as I had been living, it would afforded me the luxury of living alone again. (Me affording it is the tricky part! Cough!) The other options, while well-located, came with new friends. I love new friends, but I have a lot of goals to achieve in the coming months. What's more, there are lots of perks: a garage space, and extra 1/2 bath, and a nice teaching space to increase my at-home business options; free laundry downstairs, with a dryer--an exceptional selling point!; a small pool and sun deck out back; a sauna; and a BBQ/party room.

So I went for a "welcome back to the sunshine" açai smoothie and to sit for yet another pro/con debate with myself.

I might have been swayed by that delicious açai, in my favorite little supermarket that happens to be just down the block from said apartment. Oh, Quitanda, you temptress.

Dona Vitamina, the cute café on the first floor of Quitanda, serving fresh fruit juices, smoothies, veggie wraps, salads, and sandwiches--and a nice, strong cup of Lavazza.

Ridiculously, I am enamored with a supermarket.

You can likely guess that I didn't ponder long. That evening, without ever seeing Options B and C, I began moving my things--suitcase by suitcase. For the next several days I was very busy with moving, arranging, cleaning, changing accounts, installations, minor repairs, and the like. It's been one week and everything is almost 100% in its place.

Last Tuesday's açai. This time "na tigela," that is, a more ice-cream-like version, served in a bowl with granola and banana.

This week, I had lunch in the mezzanine restaurant with a friend: a healthy, produce-filled buffet for a great price (by Sampa standards). Uma delícia!

Oh, my new apartment has one more feature that was on my wishlist: I have a nice little balcony where I sit nightly and enjoy the evening breeze.

For all the uncertainty, I feel very pleased with the end result. Happiness. Pure happiness.