Monday, February 14, 2011

Jimmy vs. Thundersnow

Catching up on my delinquent posting seems a rather daunting task at the moment but, Vamo lá! (Let's go!)

From my last post until February 5, I was, simply, really freaking busy--so there's not much to tell. Except, there was that wicked, weird "Thundersnowstorm" on the 1st! It started off entertainingly enough...


At the office, Jimmy and I were having a good laugh about it. Apparently, a few people lost their traction on the ice and were, quite literally, blown down the sidewalk!

I never heard of thundersnow. I'm not sure the term existed before. It made news around the world, and I'm not surprised. A half-meter of snow, 100 kpm winds, with thunder and lightning? Certainly it was the craziest storm I've seen in my lifetime. My (noteably long) taxi ride from the office to the apartment, right in the thick of the madness was nothing less than surreal. As my driver aptly put it: "It's like The Day After Tomorrow!"

Though it was hard to capture with my poor-quality camera and the almost white-out conditions, here's a shot of a few of the 900-some-odd cars that were stuck on Lake Shore Drive all night long.

Madness, I tell you.

Then there was the vehicle stuck in the middle of Winthrop, the one-way street I was living on. Yeah, that giant white snow mound in the middle is a car.

Defeated by the accumulating inches, the driver obviously jumped ship at some point and it was two days before someone got a backhoe in there to dig it out so it could be towed and the street, plowed.
There was a lot of snow.

Everybody stayed home on the 2nd and the snow stopped falling in the afternoon. I took this picture of the sky the next morning to make one point: when the sky is this clear and colors are sharp in a Chicago winter it can only mean one thing--it's really bleeping cold outside.

The airports all over the country were a mess for days. Lucky for me, though, I left as scheduled on Saturday. Not a moment too soon.

Now I'm back in sunny Sampa, enjoying the summer. Sadly, it officially ends here next weekend, and the clocks go back an hour. Bummer.