Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hotchee Doggees and Milkee-Shakees

Heading out of São Paulo's bus terminal en route to Rio at New Years, I spotted this:

1. Mmm, I don't think so.

2. I'm sorry! We only had one bit and we didn't expect such a rush!
[You earn 10 bonus points if you got that.]

I also saw this hot dog stand:

As a matter of pronunciation, Brazilians like to add long E's to the end of English words that end in consonants. So hot dog becomes hotchee doggee, iPod becomes iPawdgee, Pink Floyd is Pinkee Floydgee, and Rock & Roll, with the added conundrum of the letter R at the beginning, becomes Hockey Holey.

I never heard a Brazilian referring to a hotchee doggee as a "frank," so I was impressed by the superior colloquial English knowledge of this vendor. Or perhaps it's common usage and I just never connected the word frahnkees to the food.

Hot Dogs seemed to be a Transit Theme though, because I snapped these signs at O'Hare.

Right on, Ike.

? I think they forgot the rest of the quote. Whatever.

Normally, playing by the same rules, a milk shake is actually a milkee shakee--which my friend Thiera got miles of laughter from when she was here.

Unless, of course, it's a milkee froozen.

Try it! It's new!