Monday, February 21, 2011

Keep Walking

I'm a big fan of walking. More specifically, of wandering, as you might have noticed. I am also a big fan of maps. I rarely take one with me, but I try to get my bearings before I head out. Or not.

Anyway, in my last apartment I had this huge map of São Paulo on the wall.

Yes, those are concentric circles drawn in pencil to show 1/2km, 1km, and 1 1/2km distances from my apartment, to give me an idea of walking time. So???

Unfortunately, because that was two paper maps taped together and extra-taped to the wall, it wasn't possible to move it to the new place. I have another map up now, but I confess it's not nearly as big/good/exciting as the last.

Back to walking.

Johnnie Walker is a hot brand here. It's a status symbol. And their simple slogan, "Keep Walking" is easy enough for almost any non-English speaker to understand. (As we've covered, peppering English--into speech, advertisements, music, etc.--creates something of it's own status.)

In my meandering, I spotted this clever defacement of property. Go ahead, click to embiggen.

Here's another one I liked.

Fun! I hope to find more, out and about.