Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inter x Emelec (Libertadores Game 1)

Normally, when I head to Estádio Beira-Rio for a game, I have my Inter jacket tied around my waist (o que posso dizer? tô quase fanática.), in case of late night chill and because it has zipper pockets where I can stash my keys, cell phone, and a little poncho.

Tonight was hot. I was in a rush. I left home without it.

And. I. Got. Drenched.

It's all good. Most bad-weather days, Inter might be hard-pressed to get 8,000 fans in the 45k+ capacity stadium--particularly at 10pm on a weeknight. However, today was the first game of our luta (battle) for the Copa Libertadores da América. So I willingly got soaked during the second-half downpour alongside 40,000 other screaming, chanting, dancing, clapping fans. I think the team appreciated it, though, because after Ecuador's Emelec opened the scoring 3 minutes into the second half, Internacional came back fighting. Hard.

Tie. Then, in the final moments, we scored again to win it: 2x1. The action was electrifying in the first half, frustrating in the second, and joyful in the end. You will all be thrilled (or completely nonplussed [in the modern North American usage]) to learn that, in April, I will have my very own cadeira (chair) at Beira-Rio. That means that I will always have a seat to the games and never have to buy tickets. (Why April? Because my membership dues and game tickets are already purchased through then.) And even though I didn't mind it tonight, next time I won't have to stand in the rain.

I owe myself a story about Punta del Diablo, and about New Roxanne. But I might be back at the beach this weekend... poor me.

2010 is brilliant.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I win.

I found Waldo. He was celebrating Carnival in Punta del Diablo.
We had a most excellent time.

More on that later...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How I Roll

Mochileira style!

My little backpack is equipped with:
  • 2 swimsuits, a sarong, towel, sunscreen, goggles, books, and beach bag
  • 1 dress, 2 skirts, 5 tanks and tees, a sweater and some intimates
  • a camera, an iPod, and assorted widgets for each
  • a wine opener and a journal
  • my passport, Brazilian ID, a stash in 3 currencies, and bus tickets
  • of course, my havaianas
Carnival is here. I'm off to Punta del Diablo.

Vamos ver o que vai acontecer... (suitable devilish grin)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A weekend in captions

While many of the States have been buried in snow, I've been hiding out in any air conditioned respite I could find here in "Forno" Alegre. Still, the 100F+ days have brought some pretty wicked storms too. Legal. ("Cool", or at least, I wish.)

Another Spanish Ivan arrived for a visit last week. Me and The Ivans went for sushi... then cachaça, then beers, then hot dogs (for breakfast).

That, friends, is a caipiceva. The, ahem, let's call it a glass... arrives at the table with a couple shots of cachaça and fresh lime juice in the bottom, salted rim on top. Then the friendly waiter pours in a 20 oz icy Polar beer. Wheeeeeeee!

Bere, Ana, and Natália prepared another exquisite lunch on Saturday. Then it was bubble bath and bubbly in the jacuzzi.

Shelley had a birthday party for Rafael. Looking at all these tanned, happy faces reminds me never to spend Brazilian summer in Chicago again!

Lastly, more fruit experiments. Nice melons.

Always classy,