Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday: Tribute to USAmerican Breakfast

Mmm, pancakes at Bananas Foster. Only, they aren't just pancakes, they are Hot Cakes. So, they're, like, deep fried. Essentially it's like eating funnel cake for breakfast.

So wrong, yet, ohhh so right.
They make a mean spinach, feta, and mushroom omelet with hollandaise sauce too. Lord have mercy.

I have decided that breakfast is the thing I miss most about the U.S. Well, aside from family... Foxypants...

...and Spot, who just heard me say, "breakfast."

I must add that, contrary to the largely held belief of my foreigner friends, no, USAmericans do not, in general, have these massive, cheesy, sugary, sausagey, bacony feasts every day. For me, it's a delightful, occassional treat--or a hangover cure!
Bom apetite!