Monday, December 13, 2010

Playtime at the MSI

One aspect that makes The Museum of Science and Industry so great is all the interactive stuff. Buttons, levers, mirrors, videos, whisper chambers, scientists and docents everywhere will ensure that you are as entertained and stimulated as you are educated by your day.


The Baby Chick Hatchery always gets a crowd.


There are big-things-made-little, like this delightfully detailed train set. Beyond what you see (the model of the Chicago skyline complete with functioning traffic lights!), miniature "L" and commuter trains run their respective routes through a model city and suburbs, and freight trains are routed off, twisting through the forests and mountains in the model, destined for a miniature Seattle in another part of the hall. Neat.

And there are big-things---still---big. Looking again at the photo above you'll notice that the model is under an airplane: that's a real Boeing 727 suspended up above!

The Muppet exhibit was cool though no photography was allowed so the store puppets have to suffice. (Funny aside: I met two girls from Porto Alegre in the shop. Always a small world.)

The Hubble IMAX program was wonderful! I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.

(Louquinha) Paulistinha