Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays! Boas Festas!

I had a really nice Thanksgiving at Lawry's with Andrea, Thiera, Beth and Aaron.

Take one!

Take Two!

Don't take yourself too seriously!

Ahhhh, my cousin Beth and her husband Aaron. They are real cards, those two. Bless 'em!

Fast forward through a December full of work to last Friday. I was super-tired, nearly to tears, as I stood silently on the L platform at Jackson, waiting for the red line to carry me home to my dirty laundry and packing duties. Suddenly the guy next to me exclaimed, "Are you seeing this?" and I peeked down the subway tunnel at the approaching train.


It was the Holiday Train, or, as it should be known, The Jingle L!

Thank you Universe, for the sense of humor when I need it most!

The train is *decked* (Fa La La, Ha ha!) inside and out. The conductor is Santa-suited and full of cheer and jokes on the loudspeaker, which simultaneously broadcasts the Chicago CTA's unique blend of Holiday Hits: from James Brown to The Chipmunks. People were actually singing along!

That was uplifting.

Today, I am with my family. Tonight I'll be en route to São Paulo. Tomorrow I'll be en route to Rio de Janeiro.
Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday--with whomever, wherever you are "home".