Monday, October 11, 2010

Jen 2010: A BB in a shoebox

Certainly 2010 has been one of my busiest years from a travel perspective. I was looking back on all the movement:

January - Chicago, Porto Alegre
February - Punta del Diablo, Uruguay
March - Torres
April - Belo Horizonte
May - Maceió
June - Olinda, Recife
July - Chicago
August - São Paulo
September - Porto Alegre
October - São Paulo (this is only month I didn't travel!)

No wonder I went broke and my brain is spinning! Sheesh!

Ok so, my very shaky plans to establish myself as a freelancer here in Sampa are well-conceived but ill-timed, what with the approaching summer/holiday season.
I'll head back to Chicago on November 1st (don't tell Gram!), where I'll stay through Christmas. I will quickly swap the winter sweaters for the tank tops, at my apartment here in São Paulo, before I scurry off to Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve.

I'm not sure if I'm delighted by the overview of 2010's movement (mission achieved, huh?) or overwhelmed! I wonder what will happen in 2011?

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