Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Fazenda São Paulo!

One of my favorite activities is to get lost. On purpose.

I remember when, shortly after moving to Porto Alegre, I marveled at walking familiar streets I had meandered during my first visits to the city. I had no idea that, in a couple years time, I would walk those same streets but call them my neighborhood. Today, walking around Pinheiros, I had that same recall. Just last year I photographed street art, sat for coffee in cafes, and shopped in the stores which are now my neighbors.

So today I wasn't lost at all. But tomorrow, and in the coming months, surely I will be.
And who knows where I'll live in two years.

I arrived at my new apartment yesterday without a hitch. As I mentioned, my roommate Mariana is in Singapore so I won't meet her for about a month. Carolina was supposed to be here but had to travel last minute so I'll meet her tomorrow. In her stead, though, was her sweet mother, Neida, waiting to welcome me with some presents from Carol.

How thoughtful! I can't wait to get acquainted with everyone!

I've been here one day and I already have a funny story to relate, which bodes well for my stay. This is the view from my bedroom window looking left...

...and right.

Did you spot the rooster?


Huh, neither did I. But when I woke up to its call, I thought (in this order):
"Is that a rooster?"
"In São Paulo??"
"Huh. That's weird."
"Crap, is it really morning already?"
"Well, that will either be irritating, or I'll learn to sleep through it--just like my alarm clock."

Then I realized it was only midnight. I was hazy from the travel. I heard it again in the early morning, and again around noon. Do roosters really crow sporadically throughout the day and night, or did this one have a special request? I guess I'll find out. Luckily, for now, I find it very amusing.

Obviously I had to buy this mini-watermelon.

Lastly, tonight's full moon--for my Dad with love.