Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jets to Brazil

I'm at about 35,000 feet right now en route to São Paulo, with a sensation of boundlessness to match.

I'm excited and energized by the serendipitous events and connections that have already come to light since my decision to move.

Tomorrow I will see my new Pinheiros apartment, where my possessions arrived without incident a couple weeks ago. Funny enough, the flat is just a couple blocks down the street from my friends at Casa Club in Vila Madalena. My new roomies, Carolina and Mariana, are writers (so I will be surrounded by great creative energy), travelers (Mari's covering the Youth Olympics in Singapore at the moment and both will be in Europe for much of September), and playful (they host canasta on Mondays). I have a second interview on Wednesday with a consulting firm I'm quite interested in, and a meeting with some private students that evening. I'll swing by Juliana's publisher early in the week too, to discuss translating her book into English. There's also an interesting collaboration in the works to develop some City Walking Tours.

In 2008 I was looking for time, diversity, challenge, stimulation. I wanted to own my choices. Today, my hands are in almost every bowl I want them to be in. Pretty cool, huh?

I grew and re-shaped myself in Porto Alegre. But the most valuable change was learning to love myself. I'm taking that one, especially, with me.

Bring it on,

*Jets to Brazil!