Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dunes

I spent two gorgeous days at the family beach house last weekend, surrounded with great friendship (with Andrea, Thiera, Stacee, Melissa & Iain, and Beth & Aaron).

Four-legged friends are always a fun addition to beach time too! Dudley the Greyhound and Iggy the Pugle were (successfully) introduced to each other, to swimming, and to the best nights' rest they ever had.

Sunsets are like sporting events. Armed with binoculars, beers, and cameras, everyone arranges the deck chairs on the patio just so... and basks, mesmerized, in the half-hour spectacle.

Iain's fancy camera-ing captured a nice zoom-in of the Chicago skyline, 30 miles northwest.

My grandparents purchased "The Dunes" in the 1960's, so, for everyone in my family, visits are packed with nostalgia. Prior to my current adventure in the Southern Hemisphere, I went to the cottage every summer since before I can remember--so after three years without, it was a treasure to hug it again.