Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite haunts in Porto Alegre

This post is a Public Service Announcement. If you are in Porto Alegre, or soon will be, you would do well to find yourself here.

After your delicious risoto, you can visit the rest of the list in no particular order.

Priscilla's - sticky buns

Budô Sushi - saké! just kidding. super-fresh sushi

La PizzaMia - General Artigas

Restaurante Copacabana - cordeiro/lamb

Moeda Bar e Restaurante - lunch buffet

Prinz - crazy hot mustard and stuffed pork signature dish

Na Brasa - Sunday afternoon churrasco rodizio

Sakura - summertime ambiance

Alto Astral II - simple, tasty, classic plates

Bar do Nito - ambiance

Lourival - ambiance

Agua Doce Cachaçaria - wicked cocktailing

Café Santo da Casa - an espresso with a view

Champanharia Ovelha Negra - champagne and charm

Mercado do Chopp - ambiance

Santíssimo - ambiance and a great caipirinha

Brechó de Futebol - ambiance

Boteco Natalício - happy hour snacking

Apolonário - ambiance

Mercatto d'Arte - late night ambiance

Penguim - late night... something.

Cachorro da República - late night, curbside hot-dog-eatin'

...or at home with Flor da Maça's signature pizza and a liter of Bohemia.

Bom Apetit!
Louquinha Gauchinha