Friday, July 2, 2010

"Independently Happy"

Things are getting fun... and crazy...

... even for me.

I'm rocking out to "Independently Happy". Good things are happening here.

For example, I recently noticed that "eu cheguei... "I arrived..." (more or less) with my Portuguese. Suddenly, finally, I realized while out one night: "Hey, I understand!" I understand about 80% of the conversation, which is really good considering the local dialect warrants its own dictionary. Ahh, finally. Eu mesmo entendi "Claro!" "Claro é o cu do vagalume!"

With all the flux in the foreigner crowd, the World Cup, and the upcoming birthday season, there have been lots of parties--with several more on the agenda in the coming weeks.

Anthony, Eliane, e eu at the best new futebol bar in town for the USA x Ghana game. Scott brought the flag, which I was surprisingly happy and proud to see...

This is me and Scott, celebrating our heritage (and loss). Scott and his wife Eliana are completely amazing/cool/fun/admirable. Despite the fact that we're the same age, I want to be like them when I grow up.

Vivi, me, Juliana, Michele, and Têmis--the "new girls"--and an incredible group they are. You'll hear more about them soon enough. On this night, though, I got to know them a little--and they stunned me.

Juliana, a luminary, com certeza.

Two of my favorite locals, Fernando and Danilo.

Happy Independence Day!
Loquinha Gauchinha

P.S. I also (re-)discovered the fabulous Salty Dog. Adorei. (Demais, aparentemente. Drinking and writing, not the best idea.)