Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good times...

The inimitable Juliana Carvalho, my new friend.

I am having the time of my life these days. In addition to Ju, I have met a surge of amazing people recently and just thinking about how interesting they are sometimes keeps me up at night. Other times, hanging out with them keeps me up at night.

I feel a tug of sadness over the timing. Tomorrow, my birthday, begins my last week in Porto Alegre. (Another big adventure is around the corner--details to follow.)

I'll miss calling Ivan, hungover, to ask him to meet me for a lamb feast at Copacabana in 15 minutes, knowing full well that he'll delight me in saying "yes".

I'll miss knocking on curious doors at 6am when, after closing Zero de Conduta--again, we go out to Alfredo for omelets.

And I'll miss all the goofy friends I've made!

Even more sentimental, I think the happiest night I had in the last five years was last Monday. I had a casual sushi dinner with Danilo and Fernando, followed by some live music at the tiny Girasole Pub. It was just one of those perfect nights.

("Shake it, Lurch!")

The good times are sure to continue this week, as I celebrate my new friends as much as I can.