Sunday, June 20, 2010

Olinda & Recife Outtakes

[Blognote: I backdated all the Maceió, Olinda, and Recife travel posts, so please use the links on the left sidebar (from May 28 onward).]

Ok, so, imagine... this big yellow generator (?) was being hoisted by a mini-crane from its position on the sidewalk, over the taxis, to the flatbed truck. I can tell you, the owners of these taxis were fixed on the sidewalk, nervously watching the procedure. Ha! My video fingers weren't fast enough to capture their nail-biting.

If I had the resources, this would be Jenny's Hostel--made perfect by the tree growing through the wall.

Technically these concrete slabs are for sit-ups, but, whatever!

Danger: Bathers in this area are at a greater-than-average risk of shark attack. Good to know.

You know, by now, that I have an irrational fear of dead bodies. Just taking this picture was an enormous challenge of will. (Zoom in! Click to embiggen! Make my trauma worthwhile--please.)

That concludes the Maceió / Olinda / Recife portion of this blog (for now, at least).

Happy traveling curiosity,