Sunday, June 6, 2010

O linda!

Though I spent three nights in Olinda, the plan was motivated by strategy and cost. Olinda is well-situated (just 7 kilometers from central Recife), and with quieter and more affordable accommodation. The town is very charming, I knew that one afternoon walking around the hilly, pastel-cloaked, cobblestone streets is sufficient.

It's a safe (compared to neighboring Recife) community, dripping with artistic flair. Almost all of the colorful properties serve as art galleries, bed & breakfasts, or both.

Supposedly they have one of the best Carnaval celebrations in the country, and I saw a museum of the bonecos that have been used in the parades.

I walked to the top of the hill to check out the church that's perched up there. That's where this weird cat started harassing me.

Get off of me, freaky furball.

Ok. Sorry.

Anyway, I caught an agreeable sunset over the village, with the Recife skyline in the background.

And despite traveling during the Northeast's rainy season, I only had one day (of 10) with a bit of rain. Even that was a treat, watching the storm listlessly ramble in from the sea.

Per the plan, Olinda proved to be a great base for exploring Recife.
To be continued...