Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mais Maceió

After I left you last Friday (where photos have been added, btw), I stopped at Sorvete Bali for a café and a few bolinhas of ice cream. They have over 70 flavors to choose from, including an "exotic fruits" section full of things I've never heard of.

In the end I settled on a small scoop of carribean chocolate with bits of candied orange peel, and another of maraschino cherry. Foram uma delícia!

On Sunday I learned that the blue caranguejo is a male and the yellow-orange caranguejo is female. Then I ate them for lunch.

Lots of work, little reward, not worth the guilt of backstabbing my playmates.

Afterward, I embarked on a 4 1/2 hour boat ride through some of the natural lagoons that have crept inland from the Atlantic.

The boat passed nine islands and made two stops. First, here, where the lagoon is hardly separated from Big Blue by a white sand beach.

I took a dip on the ocean side and collected shells.

Later, the boat stopped at Ilha de Carlito--a circular island of (to hazard a guess) 1,000 feet in diameter which offers a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, some hammocks, and lots of lovely vantage points to sit and soak in the vistas.

Once the lollipop sun disappeared behind a sugarloaf forest, the boat cruised back to port. In the evening I met up with my new buddies, Fernanda and Junior, for pizza and caipirinhas seaside.

Monday? Beach.

Tuesday? Beach.