Friday, June 4, 2010

Maceió Extras

In the "food and drinks" category:


Warning: cocktail crossing.

Chiquita Banana's granddaughter, the potato chip and peanut vendor.

Preferred beach standbys: toasted cheese on a stick and cold beer. (Who knew that packaging tape had insulating properties?)

"Sale! Johnnie Walker Black: R$129!!!" Luckily, that is, I confirmed, for a bottle and not per shot.

Though they may be served over ice, these spirits are known to be hot!

From the "Fun With Portuguese" file:

"Corrida Maluca!" (which was the Brazilian name for the cartoon "Wacky Races")

Subbing the English "K" for the the Portuguese "Q[ue]" in "Fique Chique" (which translates to the command "Stay Chic"), this cosmopolitan salon takes on an almost Chinese air. Fun to say, too: fee-key she-key!

Finally, from the "general oddities" file:

some make-shift sun screens,

an unlikely location for a criminal court facility (in the central bus station), and

a duet I coined "Os En-cantadors" (word play with enchanting singers). The man with the coke-bottle specs and a few teeth shy of a full set, accompanied by his stoic friend, improv'd a little ditty about an angel from the land of Al Capone.

That's me,