Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Copa no lado do Brasil

(A Cup on Brazil's side)

It is days like yesterday that remind me to appreciate the leap I took.

Monday afternoon, my corporate client called to ask if they could cancel Tuesday evening classes. "Sure, no trouble at all! We'll reschedule!" I happily replied, completely entranced in the spirit of things, myself.

Tuesday morning, my other clients called to ask the same favor, with the same reply.

Then it was just a matter of sipping coffee in my pj's until it was time to get the party started.

12:00 - went out to take pictures of the people and decoration around my neighborhood.

14:00 - met Maureen at Mercad0 Publico to have a small lunch (anticipatory damage control) and purchase a few supplies (namely, 6kg of amendoim japonês, which, as it turns out, will be enough to last us the entire World Cup!)

15:00 - the party begins at Zero de Conduta (which as you now know, has a magnetism far more powerful than my will to behave)

Nossa torcida internacional: Gustavo, Rudi, Maureen, Francesco, Scott, Danilo, Fernando, Ivan, Pau, and Eliana

15:30 - kick-off! Tim tim!

Four years ago I tried to ensconce myself in the World Cup as much as I could, stealing half-time viewing on lunch break whenever possible, but longing, pining, dreaming of being surrounded by the madness in Brazil. These days, the office is closed and everyone is in a party mood: the vibe is akin to the first warm day of the year in Chicago.

Mission accomplished. I really shouldn't take that fact for granted, even though I sometimes get wrapped up in a newer, shinier-looking mission. Noted.