Sunday, June 13, 2010

COPA [de cachaça]!

The World Cup has arrived!

I have really been looking forward to it. Let's (inaccurately) blame the opening of the Copa de Mundo for the fact that I've been in my pajamas all day and am just waiting for the pizza place to open so I can, without effort, feed myself. Yes, ahem, that's why me and thirty-some members of the Estrangeiros em Porto Alegre community stopped by to visit Danilo and Fernando at Zero de Conduta on Friday.

In hindsight, I am arriving at the conclusion that, as much as I adore their bar and their company, we cannot continue our relationship! This particular unplanned all-nighter included post-sunrise skyline appreciation at Morro Santa Teresa, a spontaneous supermarket outing to make a barbecued beef ribs for breakfast (like ya do), and the obligatory Saturday morning trip to the indoor soccer place. I felt (and looked) like the walking dead by the half-time of Saturday's USA x England match. I think I'm just going to lay low for a while. Uff.

[The generic Engov's I picked up in the Northeast, "Posdrink" and "Enjoy".
Yes. I did, thanks.]

But not for too long. I bought a cool new Brasil shirt in Recife which I will be sporting on Tuesday afternoon when, blessed with the schedule of an English teacher, I'll likely be perched in some dodgy lancheria with an unlikely-sized flat screen tube.

Vamo vamo Brasil!

P.S. Incidentally, I'm about to blitz the page with the continuation of my Northeast experience [pre-dated posts to coincide with my travel dates], so my day hasn't been completely for naught. Check back later and scroll down!

P.P.S. I just received a nice email from a Havaianas rep in New York who, apparently, follows the blog now and then. Cool. She passed along these videos, which did make me feel warm and fuzzy. These new World Cup Havaianas are sweet, y'all. And, New Yorkers: Check out the Havaianas World Cup parties!