Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zero for Conduct

"Zero de Conduta" is a relaxed nightspot we recently discovered with a great name. It's also the setting for Act One of last nights' hijinks. I met up with Rudy & Roxanne, Kristin & Thiago, and Ivan around seven for dinner and drinks on the charming garden patio.

It was a really nice evening. We enjoyed ourselves, as per usual. Around midnight or one, Ivan and I opted to hang around for "one more." Act Two. The crowd was thinning and we were involved in some conversation that waxed between relationship theories and Steven Seagal, as per usual.

Then we were joined by Danilo and Fernando, two friends with a penchant for cooking that recently opened the nightspot... and the night started to get incomum.


Act Three, Act Four - but don't act your age. Next thing I knew, the sun was rising and we decided on omelets at Alfredo. At roughly 7:30, we were zipping around side streets near the airport, en route to restaurant supplier, Kasa de Kejos (The Cheese House), for a wheel of parmesan and a lot of butter. The kind staff, who surely realized this was a night that had bled into morning, indulged my documentation of it and even gave me a little tour of the cheese cooler and some samples! This was a delightful first, for eight o'clock on a Saturday morning.

Fernando, O Homem do Kejo, and Danilo

When this conversation took place, something about directions for futebol, I thought "futebol" was code for some other restaurant-related errand we were on.


But, no. They actually meant "futebol."

As in, "let's go watch some indoor games and have a few more beers!"
The guys delivered me safely home at eleven. Ha.

Thank you Danilo and Fernando for that delightfully strange...morning!

Cada vez mais,