Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Three fun guys!

Every Tuesday I meet with these jokers; Marcelo, Tatiano (with the devils' own laugh), and Juliano. Twice a week, these clients teach me more than I likely teach them--about futebol, food, and fresh perspectives on the world. They are but three of dozens of clients that I am fortunate to work with.

There is no natural segue to the next inclusion.

Daily, my mailbox is filled with flyers: pizza joints, handymen, dentists, yoga teachers, movers--all part of the regular fair. This one just tickled me, even though I have no need for such formal private investigative services at the moment. (Stolen pets? Counter espionage? Really?!)

That's it for Tuesday.

"Winter" is rolling in, so I'm rolling out for a bit. Summer: 2 work days and 4 flight hours away.