Monday, May 31, 2010

Top 5

Of thousands of travel memories accumulated (mostly exciting, refreshing, and stimulating; some challenging; and a few, regretful, even), I was reflecting on those I would list in my Top 5 to present. Chronologically, they are:

  • The surreal New Years Eve after-party that I attended in a vintage, second story, unfurnished, lofty loft in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter--with cousins Leslie and Becky, haze, strangers, Morcheeba, giant neon nightclub signs, and a heavily embellished wrought iron fire escape.
  • Imagining myself in the 1940s as I sipped a dark and rich espresso and tried to delicately fork-fill my mouth with that heavenly Ruszwurm Kreme, also with cousin Leslie, on my first trip to Budapest.
  • Lounging for hours in chaises at The Louvre gardens with Trish, lazily noshing on warm baguettes with pâté and green apple slices, washed down with burgundy. We didn't give a toss about Mona Lisa--the sun and flower-scented breeze were all that mattered on Earth.
  • After being accosted/surprised by my Dad and Kris on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, having a perfect italian feast and a chilly stroll along Christmas-adorned cobblestone streets.
  • Starry night swimming in Punta del Diablo: crashing surf, new friends, a happy buzz, and a limitless sense of freedom.
While I'm traveling (again), let me raise a glass to List Expansion, tim tim!