Friday, May 28, 2010

Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.

We're sorry. Your call cannot be completed at this time.
Your party (-of-one, -in-a-can) is on her way to the ridiculously-tropical Northeast, which has for too long eluded her.

Specifically, to Maceió and Recife. Wheeee!

While I'm flying, please enjoy these other pictures I've been waiting to include...

My corn dog love is equaled by this billboard. After spotting it (camera-less) in Chicago last January, I specifically took a taxi out of my way just to photograph it. The driver either thought I was crazy or adorable - accurate in either assumption, I feel.

A political leaflet I received in the mail slot for... Jesus? Or Willie Nelson? You be the judge.

Stop! Or, not. As a sidebar, Porto Alegrense drivers are some of the most, ermm, ambitious I've ever seen. That's my comment--on a polite-feeling day.

In several countries, I've seen avisos on the back of cigarette packs, harshly warning of the potential for adverse effects of consumption. This one, though, is the best.

This picture was taken from a parking spot in an underground garage. As you can see there is a wall to the left. Huh?

Now, lest you have forgotten, I'm out of the service area.

Batida, anyone?