Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No hoax

I swear I didn't doctor this orange.

It had a birthmark, if you will, in the shape of Brazil.
I know, the people at the cafe were impressed by my keen eye too.

I have some other oddities I've been collecting.

Here's a couple pictures of the praying mantis that freaked me out a few months ago. Yes, it is like 3 1/2 inches long! I'd never seen, let alone shared an apartment with, one before. I didn't kill it, I merely evicted it.

A police report and an Easter Egg.

Photographed together not because I have a penchant for the non sequitur, but because they are two "firsts" that came in the same week. (Pictured with the pedometer that the ladrões had no interest in.) I went back to visit Gomez at Polícia Civil and his underlings completed this detail-rich, dot-matrix-printed sleuthing masterpiece. Gomez was slick as ever, though, and happy to receive my visit.

String Cheese! (Almost.) Clearly you wouldn't know that I have a fondness for string cheese. I've missed it. I recently found this slightly soft, but passable, facsimile.

Yeah. Slow news day.

Speaking of news, I was quoted in the reputable daily, Zero Hora, recently. It's a short quote, in Portuguese, and buried in the video graphic section; still, much better than my debut in the city's tabloid, Diário Gaúcho!