Monday, March 1, 2010

Punta del Diablo

La Casa de las Boyas hostel (sailing into my Top 5)

This might be my laziest post ever. Fitting, then, that the subject is my week in Punta del Diablo--which was the most delightfully lazy, relaxed, peaceful, restorative place I've ever been outside the family summer home in the Indiana Dunes.

Well, except for the silly times I spent with my new Dutch friend, Romilde, and The Ivans.

And that one utterly unforgettable night of Yahtzee, caipirinhas, and madrugada wave-boxing. Three a.m., in the ocean, and I never felt so free in my life.

Andre took a potato out of my mouth. On purpose. And he ate it.

Romilde and Hugo, in a pose that might just as well have been after we saw the bar tab.

...oh, and the countless stars...

Thank you, universe.