Monday, March 29, 2010

I have a good reason

...for neglecting the site. A couple, actually.

First, I joined the (Y)ACM, as it's called here, and have been working out 6 days a week. It's crazy, like, I totally dig the place. No chicks in high-heeled gym shoes. No makeup. No pretense. Just a bunch of normal people trying to become more fit. Ahhhh.

Well, mostly normal. There is, however, instructor Sylvana's Body Attack class - which is the farthest I've seen from a normal aerobics class. Ever. It's a high impact workout with a high octane crowd of devotees (male and female alike) that... well.. get very into it. They clap, chant, scream, and encourage one another: it's like Hans & Franz at a UCA Spirit Rally.

But, it's engaging, fun, and highly motivating. I love it and am trying to go when I can.

The other impediment on my posting is that I have pictures and videos to include which need editing and re-sizing. Sorting out an efficient method--err, learning to use my Mac properly--always seems too daunting when I pause to consider it and compare it to the alternatives (say, studying, trip planning, daydreaming, Facebook).

Ack, I will. Really.