Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A weekend in captions

While many of the States have been buried in snow, I've been hiding out in any air conditioned respite I could find here in "Forno" Alegre. Still, the 100F+ days have brought some pretty wicked storms too. Legal. ("Cool", or at least, I wish.)

Another Spanish Ivan arrived for a visit last week. Me and The Ivans went for sushi... then cachaça, then beers, then hot dogs (for breakfast).

That, friends, is a caipiceva. The, ahem, let's call it a glass... arrives at the table with a couple shots of cachaça and fresh lime juice in the bottom, salted rim on top. Then the friendly waiter pours in a 20 oz icy Polar beer. Wheeeeeeee!

Bere, Ana, and Natália prepared another exquisite lunch on Saturday. Then it was bubble bath and bubbly in the jacuzzi.

Shelley had a birthday party for Rafael. Looking at all these tanned, happy faces reminds me never to spend Brazilian summer in Chicago again!

Lastly, more fruit experiments. Nice melons.

Always classy,