Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roxo e doente! (Ammended)

Way back in 2005, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to procure an Internacional jersey for a creative project I was working on to surprise my then-boyfriend. I was living 6,000 miles away and didn't speak a word of Portuguese, so it was much more challenging than your standard shirt-shopping expedition.

Aided (or, perhaps, injured) by Google Translator, I engaged in "dialogue" with a sales rep named Eliane, which continued, little by little, over the course of about a month. We became kind of close, actually, as we gestured virtually (using clip art and pictures) to try and communicate.

At the closing of one email she wrote, "Roxo e doente!" According to Google, she had become "purple and sick" and I was taken aback in horror and concern for my new amiga. I sent a caring and sympathetic message...or at least, I tried to. She responded the following day in, what I suspect was, post-rolling-on-floor-risos (laughter).

I came to learn, much later, that "roxo e doente" is a phrase that Colorados (Inter fans) use to express their passion for the team.

Later today, rain or shine, I'll be at Estádio Beira-Rio to cheer on my darlings for the last game of the 2009 Brasileirão, and the last game of the teams' Centenário, or 100th Anniversary.

We had a great start to this season, a rough middle, and have come very close to claiming the national title this year. [There's a huge national controversy swirling this week over the likely sabotage predicted for later today
by rival club Grêmio]. Our likely finish as "vice liderança" will still give good cause for a happy post-game celebration at the sold-out stadium.

Canta forte, minha galera!
Loquinha "purple and sick"

As letras da musica "Minha Camisa Vermelha"

Inter, estaremos contigo... / Inter, we are with you...
Tu és minha paixão! / You are my passion!
Não importa o que digam / It doesn't matter what 'they' say
Sempre levarei comigo / I always carry with me
Minha camisa vermelha... / My red jersey
e a cachaça na mão / and a
cachaça in my hand
O Gigante me espera... / [the stadium] awaits me...
Para começar a festa! / To begin the celebration!

Xalaialaiaa, Xalaialaiaa, Xalaialaiaa! / Sha la ya la ya (3x)
Você me deixa doidão! / You make me [a nutter]!

Xalaialaiaa, Xalaialaiaa, Xalaialaiaa! / Sha la ya la ya (3x)
Inter do meu coração! / Inter, of my heart.

Addendum 12/7/09:

The weather was befitting: a perfect storm--Inter fighting for the championship that was in the hands of their rival.

The team arrived at the stadium right after I did. As you can see, the scene was energetic!


Another in the little-thing-made-big series, I love love love our new flag that covers about 3,000 people in the stands. I also love how fast they "raise" and "lower"--as if it was water washing over the crowd. Neat!

Canta, galera!


Inter did their part--winning 4x1 against Santo André. Unfortunately, so did Grêmio--losing to Flamengo 2x1. Sem problema, sou orgulho de ser colorada! (No problem, I'm proud to be an Inter fan!)

Oh, the neighbor kids (a girl of about 11 and a boy of about 9--each of whom possesses a talent for malabarismos [fancy footwork]) are colorados too. Sometimes they make me laugh as I spy on their backyard soccer games and their mock "announcing" of the plays in the most recent game. Today, though, the girl is wearing a Flamengo jersey. Awww, man. Que triste!