Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Change of scenery

I woke up at seven this morning, which is absurd. With the unplanned extra time and the bright blue sky, I moved like a tornado, scrubbing every surface of my apartment. (Luckily the place is small.) I even hand-washed the summery clothes I'll leave behind. At least my apartment should be wonderful and welcoming to return to.

[Don't buy cheap paper towels.]

It feels very strange, after a year and nearly nine months, and about a million changes--expected and unexpected--to be en route to Chicago: back to a skyline, but no visible stars; sideways to a corporate routine for a reminder of another reality; and forward to the cusp of 2010, in both of my worlds and accompanied by both of my personas.

Should be pretty cool; the forecast says that some seriously shocking temperatures will greet me. On the up side, so will my Dad.

Hello Sweet Home Chicago--and Tchau (for now) Porto Alegre!

Loquinha com certeza

P.S. The other working title for this post was "Mother's Little Helper"...because Engov We Trust.
Why don't we have this little miracle hangover remedy in the US? I've armed myself with a supply. Let the reunions and holiday festivities begin!