Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sampa III: the Metrô

Sampa's Metrô is just cool.

It's clean, fast, efficient, and economical. Though Paris offers a strong contender, Sampa edges them out--I reckon--for top prize simply for its modernity.

And politeness...

"Going to wait for the next train? Then give way to those that wish to board."

There is minimal advertising in the stations, as the entire city went almost ad-free by law a couple years back. Instead the city opted for art and poetry...

Check this out! Vending machines for paperbacks--clever!

A bit meaty-concretey, but sleek and refreshing just the same.

(Rachel and I did the tourist-thing, posing for snapshots in this station in which three different lines intersect.)

(I think these guys in were taking photos for a CD cover or something. Whatever they were up to, it made for an entertaining ride.)

Despite the fantastic system, ever-growing Sampa is facing a massive public transit crisis nevertheless. There are 28 new Metrô stations under construction. That will help. The buses, well... the street traffic, in general, is another matter...stay tuned.