Monday, November 16, 2009

Sampa III: in conclusion

Despite my current leaning that Sampa, for all its efforts, didn't win my residential heart, there are loads of things to love there. Among them:

The cool vibe in places like Estação de Luz, Praça de Luz, Praça Republica,
and Trianon; the magnetism of neighborhoods like Pinheiros and Bela Vista ("Bixiga"); the beauty of the historic Centro; the inimitable nightlife; the unparalleled variety of restaurants; the ginormous parks; the dozens of museums; the street fairs in Liberdade (Asian-town), art fairs like Benedito Calixo, and food markets like the Saturday happening in Vila Madalena; and every day offerings of Mercado Municipal. The list of treasures goes on and on. Far from my first impression, São Paulo is a city I adore now.

The sun casts rainbows on the pillars inside Catedral de Sé.

I ate the most delicious Lebanese food in Cerqueira César. As a bonus, I received this imported box of Chiclets.

I think there must be 10,000 cool neighborhood joints and hip clubs that I would like to explore in Sampa.

People that like to hoof it around unknown cities and take the time to see the details will appreciate Sampa for its (non-marketing) signage--like this one which politely asks graffiti artists to move along.

Wherever my next home is, I'm certain that São Paulo will be more accessible to it, and that I will enjoy many more weekends happily losing myself in the maze.


(Thank you Leo, Felipe, Sávio, Rachel, and everyone else at
Casa Club for just being that cool.)