Friday, November 13, 2009

Sampa III: Ibirapuera!

Finally! Marcelo, my Paulista-native Portuguese teacher in Chicago, told me to visit this mega-park on my first visit. Oops.

The park area is nearly two square kilometers (large!) and still isn't the city's largest. I'd consider it the most central, though, and it really is fantastic. There are several museums, restaurants, concert stages, a skating area, bike rental, food vendors galore, etc. etc. etc.

Wait a minute. What's that off in the distance? Is it a giant "climbing wall"?

In fact, I suspect it was workers building the scaffolding to, in turn, build a rather large Christmas tree. Surely, it looked like a massive liability to my USAmerican eyes!

The feet, or boots, of this Brazilian Air Force Memorial seemed abnormally large. I laughed. I took a picture.

As I approached the Museu de Arte Moderna (Modern Art Museum), I thought this arachnid was painted on the wall...

...but upon closer inspection...


Parque Ipirabuera is
truly a lovely retreat from the "concrete jungle" that is São Paulo. I spent the better part of a day there and still didn't cover every thing. If you visit the city, don't miss it!

Next up: things that go hiss in the night...