Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bienal nos Cais do Porto

A while back, I mentioned the massive art exhibition, the Bienal, which is now coming to a close.

Of the venues that took part in the Bienal, the first I visited, MARGS, didn't allow pictures. Que pena! The art there was really provocative.

I could snap some photos at the Cais do Porto, however. The cais are the warehouses along the riverfront in Centro that edge the shipping port. Though they don't look like much from the outside, they are pretty neat. Loads of cultural events, concerts, arts and craft fairs, and other happenings take place there. I even heard it was the setting for a rather decadent wedding reception recently, which isn't surprising because the vantage point it offers sunset spectators is fantastic.

A tree suspended from the ceiling with various headphones attached, each one playing different audio (music, newscasts in foreign languages, interviews). I decided that I like interactive art.

I also like larger-than-life Lite-Brites.

The 55th annual Feira do Livro also ended recently. I am proud to report that during the 2+ weeks of the event, I managed to stifle my book-buying compulsion and only made a single 2010 planner with daily Portuguese Grammar tips. How responsible of me!

Here's the stall for the Ministério da Educação. Zoom in on the picture and you'll see that the red Machado de Assis book is labeled "Venda Proibida"! Ha! Not for sale?!

Yes, apparently these books are on loan from Itú.

This concludes the November Art and Culture report from sunny Porto Alegre. I have a smidge over one week to try and get some color before I shock myself into alternate reality with a blast of Chicago air, so I have some work to do, poolside.

Loquinha Branquinha